Business models for the delivery of modern thermal energy services: the cases of Ghana and Tunisia

Author(s) : Sustainable Thermal Energy Services Partnerships (STEPs) Publication date : May 2014 Publication type : Report Executive Summary : Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cooking Fuel Program in Ghana In 1990, the Government of Ghana created a program to replace wood-based cooking fuels (wood and...

DC Nano-grids: a low cost PV based solution for livelihood enhancement in rural Bangladesh

Author(s) : Khan, M. Rezwan and Brown, Edward D. Publication date : 10th-12th April 2014 Publication type : Conference proceedings Journal : Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin (conference paper) Abstract : A concept paper, along with cost estimations, is presented proposing the development of very...

Literature review: rural business models in Asia

Author(s) : Parthan, Binu Publication date : March 2014 Publication type : Review The full review can be viewed here .

Towards financial geographies of the unbanked: international financial markets, ‘bancarizacion’ and access to financial services in Latin America

Author(s) : Brown, Ed; Castañeda, Francisco; Cloke, Jon; Taylor, Peter Publication date : 8 March 2013 Publication type : Journal article Journal : The Geographical Journal Abstract : Within the context of an exploration of the recent financial geographies literature, which laments the lack of...

Low-carbon yak cheese: transition to biogas in a Himalayan socio-technical niche

Author(s) : Campbell, Ben; Sallis, Paul Publication date : 2013 Publication type : Journal article Journal : Interface Focus Abstract : This study looks at how potential for resilient low-carbon solutions can be understood and enhanced in the diverse environmental, economic and socio-political...

Views, events, and debates

Author(s) : Francisco, Gigi; Harcourt, Wendy; Farhar, Barbara C.; Osnes, Beth; Karve, Priyadarshini; To, Long Seng; Speer, Nicole; Sweetman, Caroline Publication date : 8 November 2012 Publication type : Journal article Journal : Gender and Development Abstract : Here we are profiling the highly...

Mainstreaming gender in the energy sector. Training manual

Author(s) : Clancy, Joy Publication date : August 2012 The full report can be viewed here .

Mainstreaming Gender in the Energy Sector. Trainers Guide

Author(s) : Clancy, Joy Publication date : August 2012 The full report can be viewed here .