Green growth or ecological commodification: debating the green economy in the Global South

Author(s) : Brown, Ed; Cloke, Jonathan; Gent, Danielle; Johnson, Paul H.; Hill, Chloe. Publication date : September 2014 Publication type : Journal article Journal : Geografiska Annaler Series B-Human Geography Abstract : This article examines recent institutional thinking on the green economy and...

Decentralisation in sub-Saharan Africa: prevalence, scope and challenges

Author(s) : Batchelor, S; Smith, J; Fleming, J Publication date : August 2014 Publication type : Working paper The working paper can be viewed here .

Beyond literacy and knowledge: energy proficiency for decentralised governance

Author(s) : Batchelor, S; Smith, J Publication date : July 2014 Publication type : Working paper The working paper can be viewed here .

The political economy of low carbon energy in Kenya

Author(s) : Newell, P; Phillips, J; Pueyo, A; Kirumba, E; Ozor, N; Urama, K Publication date : 20 June 2014 Publication type : Working paper Summary : There is growing international focus on how to support more integrated approaches to addressing climate change in ways that capture synergies and...

Business models for the delivery of modern thermal energy services: the cases of Ghana and Tunisia

Author(s) : Sustainable Thermal Energy Services Partnerships (STEPs) Publication date : May 2014 Publication type : Report Executive Summary : Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cooking Fuel Program in Ghana In 1990, the Government of Ghana created a program to replace wood-based cooking fuels (wood and...

DC Nano-grids: a low cost PV based solution for livelihood enhancement in rural Bangladesh

Author(s) : Khan, M. Rezwan and Brown, Edward D. Publication date : 10th-12th April 2014 Publication type : Conference proceedings Journal : Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin (conference paper) Abstract : A concept paper, along with cost estimations, is presented proposing the development of very...

Literature review: rural business models in Asia

Author(s) : Parthan, Binu Publication date : March 2014 Publication type : Review The full review can be viewed here .

Towards financial geographies of the unbanked: international financial markets, ‘bancarizacion’ and access to financial services in Latin America

Author(s) : Brown, Ed; Castañeda, Francisco; Cloke, Jon; Taylor, Peter Publication date : 8 March 2013 Publication type : Journal article Journal : The Geographical Journal Abstract : Within the context of an exploration of the recent financial geographies literature, which laments the lack of...