Urbanisation Patterns for Poor Urban Communities: China and Venezuela, in Sino-Latino Symposium, Ningbo, China

Author(s): Galvez, L. H. & Cheshmehzangi, A.

Publication date: 1st March 2015

Publication type: Conference Proceedings

Journal: Urbanisation Patterns for Poor Communities: Comparison Study of China and Venezuela

Abstract: The rapid urbanisation in many developing countries has profound impacts on their current urbanisation stage, economy growth and modernization resulting in vastly differing spatial patterns, income distributions, demographic changes and population migrations. While China and Venezuela’s urbanisation over the last three decade did contribute to economic growth and the modernization, it has been accompanied by growing wealth inequality, social exclusion, poverty, violence among another social economics phenomena that are affecting the poor community in urban area. Despite both countries are considered as developing countries, the conditions and the driving forces behind the urbanisation are in both cases very different. It is therefore relevant to investigate what are the main factors to be considered in the different urban patterns of two developing countries. Based on China-Venezuela comparative case study, this paper examines their urbanisation patterns has become such a pressing issue that it resulted in tremendous different social challenge.   

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Energy and Low Income Tropical Housing