Transforming Energy Access Final Report (Engineers Without Borders UK)

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Author(s): Engineers Without Borders UK

Publication date:  Sept 2018

Publication type: Report



Engineers Without Borders UK is a charity leading a movement to put global
responsibility at the heart of engineering.

To achieve this, our movement works to change how engineering is perceived,
taught and practiced so that we can inspire a diverse cohort of engineering talent
and so that engineers can respond to the global challenges we are facing. We also
work with partners around the world to deliver safe water, improved sanitation,
clean energy and resilient built environments to those without access to this life
transforming infrastructure.

Our involvement in the Transforming Energy Access initiative is focused on
strengthening the link between lessons learnt from energy projects around the
world and dissemination into the classrooms of ‘Young UK Engineers’ to inspire in
them a sense of global responsibility and a drive to address energy access issues.

This involvement is therefore centred around delivering two key objectives:

• Inspiring and educating the engineers of the future.
• Learning from our energy-focused international projects.

Our involvement in the initiative spans the period 1 March 2017 – 31 August 2018
and this report covers the whole period.

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