Powering the Crowd into the Future: Key Learnings & Recommendations for Energy Access by Crowdfunding and P2P Lending

Author(s): Cogan, D., Weston, P. 

Publication date:  December 2018

Publication type: Report



This report – Powering the Crowd into the Future: Key Learnings and Recommendations – provides a summary of knowledge gathered by Energy 4 Impact during its three-year, UK aid-funded Crowd Power programme. This is the final paper in a series of five reports on energy access related crowdfunding and P2P lending in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.  

The report finds that energy access companies and non-profits raised $14 million in funding on donation, reward, debt and equity platforms in 2017, representing a fourfold increase in volume of funds raised by energy access campaigns from 2015. The most significant growth has been in working capital debt raised by off-grid energy companies via lending platforms such as TRINE (Sweden), bettervest (Germany), Energise Africa (UK) and Lendahand (The Netherlands). Further information also available here


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