Policy perspectives on expanding cogeneration from Bagasse in Malawi

Author(s): To, Long Seng; Kwapata, Kingdom; Masala, Leonard; Alonso Navarro, Virginia; Batchelor, Simon; Mulugetta, Yacob; Barnett, Andrew; Karekezi, Stephen.

Publication date: February 2017

Publication type: Journal article

Journal: Journal of Energy in Southern Africa


Agro-industries have the potential to make a substantial contribution to sustainable energy supply in Africa, including energy access in rural areas. This paper focuses on the drivers and barriers to wider use of cogeneration from sugarcane bagasse in Malawi as there is a potential for the technology to enable access to electricity in rural areas. The paper gives an overview of the policy landscape for the energy sector and the sugar industry in Malawi. The research involved site visits, focus group discussions, and individual semi-structured interviews with participants from key government departments, businesses, research institutes and international agencies. It was found that energy sector reform, the proposed feed-in tariff for renewable energy, and risk are the key issues for investment in this area.


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