Conference Proceedings: LCEDN-University of Strathclyde 8th Annual Conference, 2019

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Below are proceedings of the LCEDN-University of Strathclyde 8th Annual Conference entitled 'Access and Waste: the Two Sides of the Low Carbon Coin'.

The Conference was held at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, from 1st-3rd May 2019. This two-day conference employed a social systems approach to the dilemma of energy access and the resultant issue of waste. The workshops and participatory sessions across both days focused on how to enhance effective energy access across the Global South (whilst smoothing the path to low carbon transitions) and at the same time address the series of challenges linking access to waste. 

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Thursday 2nd May. 


Opening session

Stuart Galloway (University of Strathclyde) and Ed Brown (Loughborough University): Introduction (no presentation available). 

David Hope Jones (Scotland Malawi Partnership): "Delivering Impact through Partnerships". View the presentation here


Session 1A: The Potential for Biogas/AD to Improve Energy Access and Reduce Waste in the Global South

Md Abdul Gofran (Bangladesh Biogas Development Foundation): "The Potential of Biogas/AD in Bangladesh". View the presentation here

Kevin Kinusu (African Biogas Partnership Programme): "The African Biogas Partnership Programme - Needs and Wants" (via skype). View the presentation here.

John Maina (Sustainable Community Development Services): "Grassroots Biogas - the work of SCODE in Kenya" (via skype). View the presentation here.


Session 1B: Data in Energy Projects: Information is Power?

Jamie Cross (University of Edinburgh): "Questions of data access, control and ownership". Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Tawachi Nyasulu (University of Strathclyde): "Dynamic Spectrum Access for Next Generation Wireless Services". View the presentation here

Matt Leach (University of Surrey), Ed Brown (Loughborough University), and Nigel Scott (Gamos): "Technical and social science approaches to data collection in the new DFID-funded Modern Energy Cooking Services programme". Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 


Session 2A: Workshop: Designing Modern Energy Cooking Services

Jonathon Bowes, Alfie Alsop and William Coley (University of Strathclyde): "Basics of Modern Energy Cooking Services, with discussions in context of cultural, economic and focusing on nature of electricity supply". 

Amanda Chapple (Energy Savings Trust): "Inaugural Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2019".


Sesssion 2B: Energy Storage Challenges

Jonathan Radcliffe (University of Birmingham): "Energy storage research in the UK and its implications for development challenges". View the presentation here

Declan Bryans (University of Strathclyde) - "Redox flow battery technologies and their potential applications".

Paul Connor (University of St Andrews): "Faraday Institute work in energy storage".

Xinfang Wang (University of Birmingham): "Energy Storage Prioritisation in Mexico: case study of Tlamacazapa". View the presentation here


Session 3A: The Future of Modern Energy Cooking Services: For Who, by Who and How?

Ankit Agarwal (LTS International Ltd.). Title TBC. Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Ed Brown (Loughborough University) "Overview of Modern Energy Cooking Services programme". View the presentation here

Magi Matinga (Dunamai Energy): "The challenge of the normal in energy transition". Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Charlotte Ray (Independent Consultant): "Food for thought? The future of the 'clean' cooking sector". View the presentation here


Session 3B Workshop: Community Energy Systems - Translational Learning Opportunities

Damien Frame (University of Strathclyde) and Chris Morris (Local Energy Scotland) led this workshop session. 



Friday 3rd May. 


Strathclyde International Development Showcase

Stuart Galloway (University of Strathclyde) - Introduction. 

Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde): "Strathclyde International Development Strategy". View the presentation here

Scott Strachan (University of Strathclyde): "Strathclyde Projects: VIP". View the presentation here


The UK Energy and International Development Funding Landscape: An Overview

Alice Goodbrook (Innovate UK). "Innovate UK International Funding Energy". View the presentation here.

Daniel Robinson (ESRC/GCRF) (via skype). "Global Challenges Research Fund". View the presentation here

Ed Brown (Loughborough University). "MECS Challenge Fund". View the presentation here.


Elisa Morgera (University of Strathclyde): "Strathclyde Projects: One Ocean Hub". View the presentation here.


Session 4A: Energy on the Move Initiative

Ben Campbell (Durham University): "Energy on the Move: Informal Settlers and Sustainable Energy Justice". View Ben Campbell's presentation here

Cherry Leonardi (Durham University): Cherry's presentation is not publicly available.

Raihana Ferdous (Durham University): "Living under the grid: Energy resilient narratives of forgotten people". View Raihana's presentation here

Fatima Adamu (Usman Danfodiyo University), Plangsat Bitrus Dayil (Jos University) (via skype) and Gina Porter (Durham University): "Women's energy poverty, vulnerabilities and precarity in the everyday: experiences in peri-urban Nigeria". View the presentation here


Session 4B: Energy Resilience

Collen Zalengera (Mzuzu University): "Unpacking energy systems vulnerability and actions for resilience: lessons from Malawi" (via skype). View the presentation here

Aran Eales (University of Strathclyde): "Case study insight on interventions to promote energy and community resilience in Malawi". View the presentation here

Long Seng To (Loughborough University): "Research collaborations on community energy resilience and electricity systems in Southern Africa". View the presentation here


Session 5A: Access and Waste: Points of Connection Between the Transport and Energy Research Communities

Gina Porter (Durham University): "Thinking about the energy-transport-ICT nexus in sub-Saharan Africa". View the presentation here.

Ed Simpson (SOAS): "Thinking about barriers to low carbon transport in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa". Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Jeff Turner (DFID High Volume Transport): "Opportunities for research collaboration between energy and transport around low carbon energy & inclusion". View the presentation here.


Session 5B: UK Support for Innovation

Alice Goodbrook (Innovate UK): "Learning from the Energy Catalyst - from EC4 to EC7". 

Charlotte Ray (Independent Consultant): "Energy Catalyst: Developmental Impact". View the presentation here.  

Joe Chaney (Creativenergy). Title TBC. Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Nigel Scott (Gamos). Title TBC. Awaiting presentation copy & permissions. 

Stewart Muir (Energy Savings Trust). Title TBC. Awaiting presentation copy & permissions.