Conference Proceedings: LCEDN 7th Annual Conference, 2018

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Proceedings of the LCEDN 7th Annual Conference, held in Loughborough, U.K.,from 30th May to 1st June 2018, can be accessed via the Energypedia website here

There is a different tab for each day of the conference. Please click on the presenter's name to access the presentation file. Presenter names highlighted in blue indicate that a presentation file is available (files are not available for names highlighted in red, or those without a highlight colour). 


This year, the theme for the LCEDN 7th Annual Conference was 'Transforming Energy Access?'. The conference was delivered alongside the team coordinating DFID’s Transforming Energy Access initiative (the Carbon Trust, Energy4Impact, University of Cape Town and The Energy and Resources Institute in India).

During our sessions this year, we addressed what it will take to fundamentally transform energy access in new directions. The issues explored included, but were in no way limited, to:

  • The Social/Equity impacts of current and intended energy access programmes (including gender, age, disability etc.)
  • Innovative forms of access to finance and alternative delivery mechanisms
  • Different approaches to innovation
  • New approaches in clean cooking
  • Confronting waste in low carbon transitions
  • More than entrepreneurialism: energy and local development planning
  • Local energy governance