Resources: Webinars

Smart Villages webinar, 22 November 2016: 'Going off the grid: Disaster, resilience, and off-grid energy'

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The webinar can be viewed here . When disaster strikes, a community’s ability to respond and recover is tested, whether it is affected by a flood, an earthquake, a drought, a tsunami, or a hurricane, and whether it is located in a rural, urban, or peri-urban area. In this webinar, we brought...

Smart Villages webinar, 13 October 2016: 'Scaling up gender: Women in off-grid energy business models and supply chains'

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The webinar can be viewed here . In this webinar, we heard from off-grid companies, including Frontier Markets, PEG Ghana, among others, on how they have scaled up inclusiveness and integrated gender into their overall business: supply chains, production, marketing, and beyond. How can existing...

Smart Villages webinar, 11 August 2016: 'Women & energy entrepreneurship: Business models for off-grid energy and social impact, Part II'

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The webinar can be viewed here . Women are central to successful business models for off-grid energy in developing countries – whether they are founding micro enterprises, building small, medium, and large businesses, or are the consumers choosing the best energy sources for their household. In...

Smart Villages webinar, 18 July 2016: 'Addressing energy governance: Questions of scale and scope'

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The webinar can be viewed here . This webinar brought together researchers working on energy governance issues from a range of projects funded under two different DFID initiatives. These initiatives are the EPSRC/DFID/DECC funded Understading Sustainable Energy Solutions (USES) programme whose 13...

Smart Villages webinar, 30 June 2016: 'The big chill: Off-grid cooling for water, refrigeration, spaces, and more…'

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The webinar can be viewed here . Cooling is crucial in off-grid villages throughout the developing world: water, refrigeration for vaccines, cooling for Maasai cheese, and even spaces, whether for productive uses of energy (cold chains for fish or agricultural / dairy products) or homes and...