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Developing a research agenda for community energy in the electricity sector

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Author(s): To, L.S., Tarazona, M. Publication date: June 2018 Publication type: Short Brief (EEG Energy Insight) Overview: The UK Department of International Development- (DFID-) funded Energy and Economic Growth Programme (EEG) is partnering with Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN)...

LCEDN Briefing Paper 1: Lessons from Collective Action for the Local Governance of Mini-Grids for Pro-Poor Energy Access

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Author(s): Gollwitzer L., Cloke J.M.P. Publication date: 30 May 2018 Publication type: LCEDN Briefing Paper Executive Summary: Access to modern energy can be a key enabler for human development through improvements in livelihoods, education and healthcare. Over the last two decades decentralized...