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LCEDN Briefing paper 2: Is there still a Role for Small Wind in Rural Electrification Programmes

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Executive Summary: In the right context, Small Wind Turbines (SWTs) can offer a valuable complement to solar photovoltaics (PV) or diesel generators, offering diversity in power generation sources and the potential for local manufacture. However, the biggest challenges facing small wind are the...

Developing a research agenda for community energy in the electricity sector

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Author(s): To, L.S., Tarazona, M. Publication date: June 2018 Publication type: Short Brief (EEG Energy Insight) Overview: The UK Department of International Development- (DFID-) funded Energy and Economic Growth Programme (EEG) is partnering with Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN)...

LCEDN Briefing Paper 1: Lessons from Collective Action for the Local Governance of Mini-Grids for Pro-Poor Energy Access

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Author(s): Gollwitzer L., Cloke J.M.P. Publication date: 30 May 2018 Publication type: LCEDN Briefing Paper Executive Summary: Access to modern energy can be a key enabler for human development through improvements in livelihoods, education and healthcare. Over the last two decades decentralized...