Funding opportunity ~ Integrated applications for microgrids in developing economies (ESA)

20 November 2017


Open date 31/10/2017

Closing date 19/01/2018 13:00


Reference Nr. 17.1AA.01

Prog. Ref. ARTES 20 Phase II

Budget Ref. E/0520-01C - ARTES 20 Phase II  Special Prov. BE+DK+FR+DE+IT+NL+SE+CH+GB+IE+AT+NO+FI+PT+GR+LU+CZ+RO+PL

Tender Type C

Price Range 100-200 KEURO

Products Non Space Procurement/Services  Technology Domains Others  Establishment ECSAT  Directorate Directorate Telecom & Integrated Applica  Department Integrated & Telecom-related Applica Dep  Division Applications Demonstration Projects Offi  Responsible Dean, Andrea  Industrial Policy M. N/A  Last Update Date 14-11-2017, 15:59:38  Update Reason Loaded a new Clarification(English version). 


Despite advances in overall global electrification rates, access to electricity is still far from achieved. As of today, 1.1 billion people remain without access to electricity, which includes over 550 million people in Africa and 300 million people in India alone (International Energy Agency, 2012), while an additional 1 billion people lack access to reliable electricity networks (United Nations Foundation). Microgrids -distributed systems of localized generation, distribution network and load - are being increasingly deployed particularly in rural areas of emerging and under-developed countries to achieve energy access. However many challenges arerestraining the growth of this sector, including numerous financial, technical and social limitations.The objective of the feasibility study is to assess technical and economic viability of deploying services based on Satellite Communications, Earth Observation data, and/or other space assets to support the decentralized management of microgrids in India and other developing countries. The study will eventually propose a roadmap for service(s) implementation and demonstration.The study will be supported by India EnergyStorage Alliance (IESA) that will contribute to collect requirements from Indian microgrids stakeholders and explore opportunities for service implementation and demonstration to be performed through a potential follow-up ARTES IAP demonstration project. 

Further details on this funding opportunity are available in the attached document. 


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