Call for abstracts & ECR funding available: Closed Loop Green Technologies for Rural Communities workshop, Delhi, Sept 2017

11 July 2017

There is an exciting opportunity/funding to join a workshop that we  (UCL and IIT Delhi) are co-organising and hosting at IIT Delhi. There is funding for early career UK and India researchers to join us in Delhi in September, 2017. The deadline for application is July 14th so please apply or circulate in your networks and share with colleagues whom you may think should apply. See link below:

I also text about the aim and objectives of the workshop: “The overarching aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to appropriate technologies for rural communities in India with a focus on environmental friendly closed-loop solutions. There is a need to focus on appropriate technologies which would support rural development. Similarly, in UK there is the scope to use decentralised closed loop technologies for farming communities, small towns and new developments in the country.

Closed-loop solutions would include the reuse of solid and food waste for energy generation, improved water resources management through rain water harvesting, provision of water, sanitation and energy services and treatment/reuse of waste.  In India 70% of the population lives in a rural setting with limited access to basic services such as energy, water, sanitation and waste management.

In order to address the above aim four thematic areas have been identified:

Rural Sanitation to include toilets and decentralised treatment solutions for available waste.
Water to Energy technologies which will include biogas and solid/liquid waste to energy conversion
Low Cost Housing to include appropriate technologies, local materials and scale up
Sustainable Technologies which will include closed loop integrated solutions for water, food and wastewater reuse. Life Cycle Assessment techniques would be presented.”

Thanks in advance and please circulate.

Kind Regards



Dr. Priti Parikh

Senior Lecturer


Programme Director: Msc in Engineering for International Development:!united-kingdom/cqn6

 Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department

University College London

Chadwick Building




Ext: 54101

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