Volunteering opportunity: Communications Volunteer at the Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya (CCAK)

Communications Volunteer at the Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya (CCAK) 

CCAK are looking to hire a Communications Volunteer to support their work in the following areas:

  • Comms strategy implementation and unpacking
  • Writing
  • Media engagement
  • Media/Communication M&E
  • Additonal responsibilities 
    • Contribute to the analysis of topics and events relevant to our work.
    • Identify media trends that could constitute an opportunity or a threat for CCAK.
    • Develop and align storytelling and maximize value of outreach. 
    • (Possibly) attend internal and external communication and media meetings and events.
    • Strengthen and expand our network of contacts in traditional and social media domains.
    • Initiate and/or support the production of communication and media materials, including talking points, news releases, contributed pieces and fact sheets.
    • Support teams in content review for public outreach material; in content and information gathering for multiple purposes, including media engagement, advocacy and fundraising.
    • Serve as an active member of any crisis and response planning and action team.

Additional information

  • Start date: ASAP
  • Part time and remote working options can be discussed
  • Communications experience desirable, but highly motivated individuals that can rapidly learn on the job are also encouraged to apply
  • Minimum 6 months commitment required
  • Interested candidates should contact Anne Songole: asongole@ccak.or.ke

About CCAK

CCAK is a professional association formed in 2012 and officially registered in 2013. It has 46 members comprising representatives from government, academia, private sector, donor agencies, NGOs and individuals active in the clean cooking sector.

CCAK’s mission is to facilitate the scaling up of the clean cookstoves and clean fuels markets in Kenya through convening and coordinating the sector, advocating for enabling government policies, creating public awareness and capacity building. The association strives to build solidarity amongst relevant stakeholders and creates effective partnerships to ensure the use of clean cookstoves and fuels is the norm in Kenyan households and institutions. CCAK is dedicated to this goal because clean cookstoves and fuels save time, lives, money, forests and provide employment. Our aim as CCAK is to facilitate the increase of adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels to 5 million households in Kenya by 2020. Currently, CCAK is widely recognised by Government, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in the sector as the “voice” of clean cooking.