Paid placement opportunity on supporting social & environmental justice across global solar supply chains, University of Edinburgh

We (the LCEDN) are delighted to advertise a three Month Placement Opportunity with Renew Solar supporting the development of an international network working to support social and environmental justice across global solar supply chains.

The LCEDN are currently working with the Renew Solar network to build collaborative research and advocacy programmes around social and environmental justice in global solar value chains.

Renew Solar is a new international network – to be launched in 2018 - that works to promote sustainable manufacturing and minerals supply chains in the global solar industry.

The Renew Solar network is being developed by the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, and international partners including Good Electronics, Demand Energy Equality, the Open Repair Alliance, People and Planet, Plaform, Ojuso, and the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network.

This placement will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh Department of Social and Political Science. The successful candidate will interact with global stakeholders, NGOs and civil society organisations in China and South-East Asia, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America.

The candidate will:

  • develop a map of stakeholders working in support of issues of social and environmental justice across the global solar industry.
  • support the development of online resources, including the Off Grid Solar Scorecard (an online tool designed to promote the sustainable design of small scale solar devices designed for the global south), and the Good Solar Index (a live feed of reports concerning social and environmental issues in global solar supply chains) 
  • co-ordinate a major international network gathering of organisations addressing issues of modern slavery and electronic waste in the global supply chains for solar technology.
  • support the development of a major funding application to support the development of activities focused on policy engagement and public procurement.
  • help to establish a set of organising principals for an international network of civil society organisations.

The University of Edinburgh will provide a stimulating environment for early career researchers concerned with sustainability and social responsibility across global value chains. The University of Edinburgh is one of the founder members of Electronics Watch and currently leads the research component of a €3million EU funded project on social justice across global value chains in the global electronics industry.  

Profile of the Person we are looking for:

  • Academic background in sustainable energy (MSc/PHD/Post-Doc) 
  • Exposure/experience with writing project proposals for funding and documentation
  • Experience in Communications, stakeholder analysis and network co-ordination
  • Work experience in civil society organisations

Duration: Three months between February 2018-May 2018 (specific timings to be negotiated).

Stipend: The successful candidate will receive a stipend of 2000 GBP per month, and will also receive a travel expenses stipend up to the value of 1500 GBP.

Application process: To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter explaining how you meet the candidate profile, to  The deadline for applications is 17:00 GMT on 31st January 2018.

Remuneration - Benefits in kind -Reimbursement of expenses

Researcher will not receive any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses from the host organization(s). 


University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom