Registration open for latest Wisions webinar: "alternative financing ideas for small-scale renewable energy"

15 Nov 2018 - 2:00pm

Registration is open for WISIONS' latest webinar. 

The theme this month is "Alternative Financing Ideas for Small-scale Renewable Energy". 

It will be held on Thursday, 15 November 2018 at 14.00 CET.

Please register using the registration link provided below. 

Financing is always top of mind for energy practitioners working on small-scale renewable energy projects. Many organisations struggle by year on year with project funding, which limits the sustainability of many small-scale renewable energy efforts. Undeterred, however, non-profit organisations and social businesses are looking for novel solutions to the financing challenge, solutions that are essential for achieving the SDGs and climate goals.

The speakers in this webinar have been at the forefront of finding creative, innovative ways to finance energy practitioners’ critical work. We will learn about alternative financing from multiple perspectives: Nexus for Development will speak about their major finance mapping report; bettervest will talk about its work as a crowd investing platform for renewable energy projects; and Winrock International Nepal will speak about its work as a project developer and long-standing cooperation partner of WISIONS.

Whether you’re a donor, a non-profit organisation, a researcher, or a business, join us and share your insights into financing challenges – and your fresh ideas. This will be an interactive webinar with polls and opportunities for Q&A!

Zita de Pooter, Nexus for Development
Rohit Sen, bettervest
Badri Nath Baral, Winrock International Nepal

Details of this webinar event are also posted on the WISIONS web site:



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