Pre-registration open: International Student Energy Summit 2019

17 Jul 2019 - 7:00pm to 20 Jul 2019 - 3:00pm
Imperial College London, UK
United Kingdom

Pre-registration is now open for the International Student Energy Summit 2019. 

This is an interdisciplinary conference created for students by students. 

Through a vast array of speakers and a broad spectrum of topics, we will spark conversation and curiosity about critical energy challenges of our time. Our mission is to empower youth through exposing the need for integration and inclusivity. In line with our vision and on reflection of our theme #BreakingBarriers, we chose the following topics as the foundation of our programme.

Empowering Young Energy Leaders
It’s time to launch the next generation of energy leaders and enable students to take control of the future. We need to capture the raw ambition and open mindedness of students through interaction and collaboration. How can we best empower them to drive this change?

Energy in a Changing Climate
We live in a world of constantly changing natural, economic and political climate. The Summit will explore how the energy industry can affect and be affected by these climates. How can we embrace these changes and maintain a flexible mindset?

An Interdisciplinary Approach
By bringing together expertise from across the sector, we will cut through established gender, educational and global barriers and explore how a wider perspective can transform energy. What are the barriers holding us back? How can a systems approach overcome siloed thinking?

Enacting the Equitable Transition
Energy is a global issue. It has the power to drive development, but there is no single model for success. How can we tailor energy policy and finance to support local systems? Should all communities be subjected to a global standard?

Integrating Technology
Innovations such as blockchain, AI and smart grids are embedding technology in every part of the energy system. What are the technologies of the future and how will they drive the transition?

Delegate Led Discussion
We want our delegates to fully benefit from SES 2019. Prior to the Summit, we will work with the attendees to better understand which topics are the most important to them and tailor the Summit to their needs.


SES 2019 Contest

•The SES 2019 Contest provides one lucky winner with one free Bursary to attend SES 2019 in London, next Summer 2019.
•Throughout the months of October, November and December 2019, we will give away 3 free Bursaries (one per month) to 3 lucky students.
•Announcement of the monthly winner will be made on the 10th day of the following month (e.g. the October winner will be announced on the 10th of November 2018).
•The free Bursary includes tickets to SES2019 and Gala dinner, accommodation & refreshments. 
•The free Bursary does NOT include traveling expenses to reach London. 
•To be eligible to win: 

Answer our question asked on our social media channels by commenting below the post with the hashtag: #SES2019Contest.

Preregister through the link provided above.

 You also have to be enrolled in a tertiary education institution at the time of preregistration.

•Winners will be notified by the SES 2019 team in 14 days following the monthly contest.


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