Engineers Without Borders - Engineering for People Design Challenge

How it works

Each year, Engineers Without Borders UK works with one of our partner organisations to produce a series of engineering challenges based on the real-world problems the partner’s community faces.

These challenges span engineering disciplines including water and sanitation, energy, the built environment, transport, waste management, information communications technology and local industry.

Students at participating universities are asked to design a potential solution to one of the challenges appropriate to the economic, social and environmental context in which it will be used.

A mandatory part of the curriculum

Participating institutions run the Engineering for People Design Challenge as part of the engineering curriculum for first and second year undergraduates, making it a mandatory part of the degree course.

The initiative contributes to the Engineering Council requirements for students on accredited degrees to demonstrate understanding of the design process and have a broad awareness of the economic, legal, social, ethical and environmental context of engineering activity.

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