ACTS ranked among top 3 climate change think tanks globally

21 August 2017

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that The African Centre for Technology Studies- ACTS has been ranked among the top 3 climate change think tanks globally (excluding think tanks from Europe and North America) in the 2016 think tank ranking.

The ranking also shows that ACTS is the top think tank on climate change in Africa.

When all think tanks from the rest of the world including Europe and North America are considered, we come to No.22 out of 244 think tanks...

The Great African Bake-Off

15 September 2015
The University of Nottingham team up with the Women’s Cultural Exchange (part of the Nottingham Refugee Forum) for a bake-off event.

On Monday 14 th September 2015, the University of Nottingham hosted the Great African Bake-Off where academics, policy makers and practitioners were invited to observe volunteers from the Women’s Cultural Exchange cook delicious food from a range of Sub-Saharan African countries (including Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, and Malawi) on a variety of Improved Cookstoves...