New paper published: 'Two Birds, One Stone—Reframing Cooking Energy Policies in Africa and Asia'

18 June 2019

The latest paper by Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme team members Dr Simon Batchelor, Prof Ed Brown, Dr Nigel Scott and Dr Jon Leary has been published in Energies journal in April 2019, and centres on reframing cooking energy policies in Africa and Asia. 

This paper, entitled 'Two Birds, One Stone—Reframing Cooking Energy Policies in Africa and Asia', describes how a new UK Aid programme (April 2019) will be seeking to intentionally change international energy policy and enable a significant transition in energy use. The programme is new and has yet to prove itself, however, the analysis presented in the paper illustrates how it is constructed to reframe the problem, build new networks, develop capacities to respond to emerging technologies and system models and to build institutional capacities to redirect resources to the proposed strategy, i.e., to intentionally enable the transition of policies.

The full paper can be access via the Resources section of the MECS website here



Dr Joni Cook

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Joni Cook joined the LCEDN team in March 2017. Joni is responsible for leading internal and external communications for the LCEDN and MECS programme, and is based at Loughborough University.

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