New CAFOD/IIED report - Using the Energy Delivery Models toolkit to analyse impact of small-scale horticulture project in Kenya

23 November 2017

New CAFOD and IIED report


Using the Energy Delivery Models toolkit to analyse impact: a small-scale horticulture project in Kenya


From 2011 to 2014, CAFOD and local partners in Kenya implemented a Community Based Green Energy Project aimed at addressing some of the challenges in the agricultural sector by providing energy services for rural and peri-urban communities. This study reviews the project’s impact on a sample of farmers groups in Kitui county.


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This report is part of a collaboration between CAFOD and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) called the Energy Delivery Models (EDM) project aims to better understand how energy services for poor and marginal groups can be designed to maximise their developmental benefits and to ensure sustainability over the long term.

The EDM collaboration began in 2013. It aims to build their organisations’ and partners’ understanding of the enabling factors and barriers to delivering energy services to people living in poverty, learning from practitioner experience and research what factors can make or break a sustainable service.

The EDM Toolkit was developed after further research and piloting in 2017. It is a six-step process with two innovative tools focusing on inclusive planning and systematic problem solving. It aims to ensure the service is appropriate to the local context, meets end users’ wider needs and is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable, to deliver maximum impact. The EDM Toolkit can be used to design new energy services, as well as to reflect on and improve existing services.  



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