Blog: Jul 2019

Five Questions: new UN Solar Specifications for classifying and reporting solar resources

23 July 2019
In this “5 quick questions” blog we introduce the new UN specification for classifying and reporting solar resources, which is currently in draft form and open for public comment. We talk to Jeremy Webb, who led the development of the document as Chair of the Solar Energy Sub-Group of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ’s Expert Group on Resource Management ...

Feedback needed for project looking at commercial viability of bioenergy systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

23 July 2019

The Bioenergy for Sustainable Local Energy Services and Energy Access in Africa (BSEAA) programme – part of the UK Department for International Development’s Transforming Energy Access programme – is targeted at bioenergy entrepreneurs, particularly technology and project developers, as well as investors and policy makers, to examine the commercial viability of bioenergy systems in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The research is designed to lead to the development of practical resources...

LCEDN team welcomes Kaitlyn Law as Summer Research Student

2 July 2019

My name is Kaitlyn Law and I will be a research student with the LCEDN team at Loughborough University for the next 11 weeks. I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Urban Systems Geography and Political Science at McGill University in Canada. Through my studies, I have become especially interested in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation as well as issues around the political economy of energy access. I feel that with the intensifying global climate situation,...