South Asia workshop to increase community energy resilience held in Kathmandu.

10 April 2019
South Asia workshop to increase community energy resilience held in Kathmandu.


In February, a South Asia workshop was held in Kathmandu in Nepal as part of the Collaborations for Community Energy Resilience in Low-Income Countries project, a partnership between LCEDN and the Energy and Economic Growth Applied Research Programme (EEG*). Using a whole systems energy research approach, the project brings together social science...

New blog series ~ community participation in designing and implementing off-grid energy systems in Tanzania by Hannah Mottram

27 February 2019

We'd like to introduce a new blog series authored by Hannah Mottram. Hannah is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield, and her PhD research focuses on working with local communities, civil society organisations and private companies to research minigrids for rural electrification in Tanzania. Hannah's new blog series focuses on community participation in designing and implementing off-grid energy systems in Tanzania, and can be accessed...

Small-scale wind: Experiences from the Wind Empowerment Conference 2018, Chennai, India, by Alfie Alsop

24 January 2019
We are delighted to showcase this blog by Alfie Alsop , which summarises his experiences of participating in the Wind Empowerment Conference 2018, which was held in December 2018 in Chennai, India. Alfie is a PhD research student at the University of Strathclyde, UK, whose research uses Market Assessments as a tool for highlighting where small-scale wind power...


23 November 2018

Bangladesh, November 18 th 2018

I’d nearly forgotten about the conversation I had with our friends in the ENERGIA network about what I referred to as ‘electricity stacking’, when we rolled up in our bus to the Lohadi solar nanogrid in Mymensingh district in Bangladesh. We’d been talking about fuel stacking as an aspect of resilience and a precautionary behaviour of bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) households, where they persisted in using multiple energy sources for different...

5 Questions: Joe Butchers discusses Community Scale (Micro) Hydropower Solutions in Nepal

11 October 2018

In this “5 quick questions” blog we introduce community micro hydro and talk to Joe Butchers (pictured in Nepal) who is a PhD student at the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol University. Joe’s research focuses on understanding both the technical, social and economic aspect of micro-hydro in Nepal, in order to improve the reliability and sustainability of systems.

Micro-hydro or community scale hydro is a renewable energy solution which goes back a long time not least...

Energy Development plans in the Kenyan Counties: Highlights from the Transforming Energy Access workshop

12 September 2018

We are delighted to share a blog written by Victoria Chengo, a Research Assistant of one of the LCEDN's collaborative partners the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) , which features highlights of a Transforming Energy Access stakeholder workshop held in Kisumu, Kenya from 10th-11th April 2018.

The workshop was co-organised by ACTS, the LCEDN, and the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND)-Kenya. The workshop's theme was capacity...

The Better Solar Network next steps

31 July 2018

We are delighted to publish the third and final blog written by Mariana Cover, who is undertaking a three month placement with Better Solar supporting the development of an international network working to support social and environmental justice across global solar supply chains. The placement is funded by the LCEDN and is based at the University of Edinburgh.

After three months of hard work, the Better Solar Network has been formed and launched!


Project launched: Research collaborations for community energy resilience

30 July 2018

The LCEDN is partnering with the applied research programme on Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) led by Oxford Policy Management and funded by UK Department for International Development to catalyse new research collaborations on community energy resilience in low-income countries. The project is supported by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)...

LCEDN team welcomes Harry Jia as Summer Research Student

23 July 2018

The LCEDN team is delighted to welcome Harry Jia as a Summer Research Student over the next 10 weeks (funded by an EPSRC Vacation Research Bursary). He will contribute to several ongoing research projects. Harry has written the blog post below to introduce himself and outline what he hopes to achieve.

I am very excited to begin my role with the EPSRC vacation bursary and to assist with several funded projects throughout my 10-week stay at Loughborough University. My...

EEG launches call for applications for new Ethiopia country programme

16 July 2018

The DFID-Funded Energy and Econopmic Growth programme have recently announced a call for Research proposals for work in Ethiopia.

Widening energy access and securing reliable energy services is fundamental to the Government of Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) to transform the country into a major manufacturing hub, and to address some of the intractable development and poverty challenges the country faces.

Following consultations with key government...